Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Radesol Bulgaria held a webinar on "Cybersecurity Training for Employees"

"The security of information accompanying commercial turnover is extremely important to all of us." This security enables companies to carry out their activities without risks or to be able to recognize threats in the Internet space", emphasized Tsvetan Simeonov, chairman of the BCCC at the beginning of the event and added that the topic aroused great interest. More than 60 representatives of Bulgarian companies, members and partners of the Chamber participated in the event.

Representatives of Radesol Bulgaria made a presentation of the EXERCYBE platform, developed by the company's team. The reason for the creation of the platform is the need for security for all companies, especially those with multiple offices spread across the country and more employees. The beginning of the idea for the training tool was set in 2017. Its main goal is to build knowledge and skills to recognize phishing attacks. It was emphasized that the EXERCYBE platform is registered as a European trademark and is already used by well-known large and small companies in Bulgaria. Provides digital training and protection against phishing attacks by simulating malicious, real-world email messages. Training takes place without leaving the workplace.

It is a fact that in our country, micro and small companies are the main providers of employment, but they do not have enough resources to protect themselves in cyberspace. A number of examples of phishing attacks in Bulgaria and Europe were presented. According to the specialists from Radesol Bulgaria, the most dangerous are combined attacks with e-mail, short message /SMS/ and voice message or call, which prompt the recipient to take some action.

A survey of participants showed that 60% of companies have never conducted phishing training, and 56% do so with instructions sent by e-mail to employees and workers

The content of a training conducted in a training portal was presented in detail. It is conducted in accessible, understandable language. The materials are available in Bulgarian and English. Learners receive detailed information on how to recognize phishing attacks, gain knowledge on various aspects of cyber security, password security (at least 10 different characters, words with no logical connection, avoiding frequent changes that require recording), the disadvantages of using pirated software and others. The participants in the training are subjected to phishing simulations related to current public topics /elections, taxes, health care and many others/. The platform was rated as very useful as it offers experiential learning.

EXERCYBE is a new generation digital training platform. The service is cloud-based, with no effort to install, configure and manage. The main focus of the specialized module "Anti-phishing" is the cybersecurity of human resources.

The platform provides:

  • Initial situational analysis by phishing pen-test
  • Cybersecurity digital training
  • Monthly simulated email attacks on employees and their training portals for misled employees. The scenarios are in the Bulgarian language and on current topics for the country
  • Quick warning module for suspicious emails through Outlook
  • Monthly reports on the results achieved
  • Monthly Cyber Security Newsletter

A free phishing test for employees was provided to all webinar participants to get an idea of the company's level of preparedness to face a real attack.

Due to the great interest in the topic, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Radesol Bulgaria will continue the initiatives to inform Bulgarian companies about ways to ensure higher cyber security.