Kyustendil Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a meeting with entrepreneurs and business representatives in Dupnitsa

Last week, the leadership of the Kyustendil Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) met with local businesses in the town of Dupnitsa. The event was realized with the assistance of the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber, Mr. Alexander Andonov - a partner in TeA Tekstil Andonovi LTD., acting as a local body of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the city of Dupnitsa and the region.

The goal was for the representatives of KCCI to get direct impressions of the socio-economic condition of the individual municipalities in the Kyustendil region in terms of the regional structure of the employers for the region, as well as to identify the common problems and difficulties they encounter. For KCCI, it is important to work with all municipalities so that the settlements can develop in parallel and the Region can be competitive.

During the discussion, main topics affecting business and its development were presented and discussed. The lack of trained qualified staff stood out as the most common problem that hinders normal activity at the local level. The subject of the current zoning of the country was also touched upon, which actually limits the possibilities of EU financing for companies from the Kyustendil Region, falling into the South-West planning region.

The meeting sparked a debate in which opinions and proposals were shared on other issues of an economic, public and social nature.