Dr. Vasil Todorov, BCCI: "Young people are the key to the economic, social and political prosperity of our country"

Young people from universities in this country and abroad shared their views and expectations for Bulgaria's development during a forum, which was called "Bulgaria's Future through the Eyes of the Young Generation" and was held this week in Sofia. The event, organised by the Netherlands-Bulgaria Business Association, took place with the collaboration of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sofia Tech Park, BESCO, the Fund of Funds, the Bulgarian Investment Agency, the American-Bulgarian Business Association, the Association of Women in Banking and Finance in Bulgaria, Sofia University, the University of National and World Economy, Plovdiv Agricultural University and other institutions.

Issues related to youth employment and entrepreneurship, career development and educational reforms were discussed at the event.

Dr Vasil Todorov, Secretary General of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomed the participants and shared that young people are facing more and more different challenges related to the development of the modern world. However, they are not just passive participants in these processes, but challenge the status quo. They are leaders, innovators and creators of solutions at local, national and global level. Their vision, qualities and skills are irreplaceable for building a more sustainable, just and modern community. The active participation of young people in the economic, social and political lives of a country is of key importance both to their well-being and to the prosperity of this country.

Mr Todorov pointed out that the National Youth Strategy 2021-2030 considers young Bulgarians as "capable, committed and empowered young people, ready to develop their full potential and contribute consciously to the development of the Republic of Bulgaria in the context of the European family and the global world."

From the perspective of employers, young people represent a main resource and play a role, which structurally determines the development and future of each national society. This role and the current demographic trends both in Europe and in Bulgaria bring young people into the focus of Bulgarian companies. Their knowledge and skills are also important to satisfy the demands on the labour market.

Mr Todorov presented the Erasmus Programme for Young Entrepreneurs to the young participants in the conference. This is an initiative of the European Commission, supported by BCCI as an intermediary organisation under the Programme.

"Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs helps ambitious European entrepreneurs acquire the skills, needed to start and/or successfully manage a small business in Europe. The new entrepreneurs gather and exchange knowledge and business ideas with an experienced entrepreneur, with whom they stay and collaborate for a period from 1 to 6 months. More information on this and other opportunities for young people, including training sessions and internships, can be found here.