European Commision gives four recommendations of the Bulgarian economy

The European Commission on Wednesday issued a recommendation to the Council to recommend to Bulgaria to take action in 2024 and 2025 in its economic, social, employment, structural and budgetary policies.

European Commission (EC) presented its recommendations for the economic development of the member states. For Bulgaria, their number is four.

  • Bulgaria to limit budget expenditures below 3% of GDP in 2025, as well as in the medium term to keep the level of public debt within reasonable limits.
  • The implementation of the cohesion programs and the recovery and sustainability plan and the energy transition plan should be significantly accelerated. This also includes improving the work of the administration and raising the quality of public procurement procedures.
  • Hard work should be done to improve the educational process and the skills of the working people.
  • Bulgaria must implement renewable energy sources in the provision of central heating, including from wind generators. Our country must work on the improvement process for energy storage and help energy poor citizens.