Traditional meeting of the Club of Joint and Foreign Chambers in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the traditional meeting of the Club of Mixed and Foreign Chambers in Bulgaria. The President of BCCI Tsvetan Simeonov presented the current initiatives of BCCI and the economic situation in Bulgaria, emphasizing on the budget parameters for 2024. He presented the expectations of the business for the next year according to the European Economic Survey, pointing out the results about Bulgaria reveal that businesses were more optimistic in terms of main economic indicators.

Simeonov underlined that the key challenges in 2024, indicated by Bulgarian companies, would probably be the lack of qualified labour and the increased labor costs, as well as the financial conditions for doing business.

The leaders of the newly established organizations - the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and the American-Bulgarian Business Association - presented their mission and goals. Alex Nestor, president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, shared that the chamber will contribute to the expansion of trade exchange and the economic ties between Bulgaria and Canada.

The executive director of the American-Bulgarian Business Association - Rumyana Yordanova, said the activity of the association was mainly focused on the small and medium-sized enterprises from Bulgaria and the USA, freelancers, nomads, etc.

The representatives of the mixed chambers discussed issues regarding the lack of qualified workers, the need for changes in the legislation to ease the import of labor, etc.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Bulgarian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Bulgarian-Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria-Romania, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, Confindustria Bulgaria, the Dutch-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic Bulgaria and the Republic of Korea.