The awards for Bulgaria’s most successful commercial attachés were bestowed

The most successful 2022 economic and commercial Bulgarian sections (ECS) abroad were announced at an online ceremony, organized by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

Tsvetan Simeonov, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, emphasized that regardless of the dynamics of the present days, the Chamber and the Ministry had assembled and distinguished the most successful services for the 13th year in a row. He noted that the assessment was made on the basis of objective indicators, including statistical data on changes in exports, investments and tourists, as well as the evaluation of the business, the Chamber and the Ministry. Simeonov shared that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry had carried out an opinion poll among the Bulgarian entrepreneurs about the work and activities of the ECSs in their relations with them.

The Minister of Economy and Industry, Bogdan Bogdanov, thanked the heads of ECSs for doing their best to promote Bulgaria as an attractive destination for foreign direct investments despite the global geopolitical conflicts and the insecurities in the region. He pointed out that economic growth and the amount of direct foreign investments in the country (over 3.1 billion euros for the period January - September 2023) maintained the preliminary data, provided by BNB. Minister Bogdanov highlighted the need of diversifying the markets, as the recession, advancing in Western Europe, revealed a slowdown in Bulgaria's exports to main trading partners – Germany, Austria, etc.

After the official greetings the hosts announced the distinguished ECSs.

The Economic and Commercial Section in Austria was awarded the first prize - bronze statuette "HERMES" and an Honorary diploma. The award, presented by the Minister of Economy, distinguished the section for its contribution for enhancing Bulgarian exports, foreign investments and tourists in Bulgaria, as well as for achieving the goals and objectives of the BCCI.

The second award and Honorary diploma went to the Economic and Commercial Sections in Italy. The award was presented by Boyko Takov, executive director of the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA).

The Chamber and the Ministry gave the third prize to the Economic and Commercial Section in Hungary. The award was presented by Julian Balchev, Secretary General of the Bulgarian Investment Agency.

The rest of the sections, nominated in the first six positions: Albania, Iraq and Sweden, were also presented awards.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry wished all commercial attachés to continue their active activity and interaction with the Bulgarian companies and business organizations.