Bulgaria’s Lukoil Neftochim will stop working without Russian oil

“If the import of Russian oil to Bulgaria stops, the only oil refinery in Bulgaria, Lukoil Neftochim Burgas, will stop working.” This was said by the Chairman of the Management Board of the company Ilshat Sharafutdinov. According to him, it is possible to seek oil imports from other countries, but this will take time.

Is there a threat that Lukoil Neftochim Burgas will stop working, according to Ilshat Sharafutdinov?

"So far there is no such threat, but if extreme manifestations of Russian oil bans occur again, we can not guarantee anything. So far, neither logistics nor technology have been worked out," he said, adding that if the tankers stop, Lukoil will stop.

Is it possible to secure oil supplies from other countries?

"In short, there may be alternatives, but whether we will extract 90 or 93 or 95 percent, no one can say until they say what oil will be processed," said Sharafutdinov, who said that if Russian oil stops abruptly, there will be issues.