Nestle Bulgaria invested BGN 23 million in a robotic production line in Sofia

Nestle Bulgaria invested another BGN 23 million in a robotic production line at its factory in Sofia. The innovation was presented during an online event that included a virtual walk showing the factory’s innovations.

The investment is in a new production line of the KitKat brand, with an updated digital network that connects all machines to a single data system. In case a problem occurs, it can be solved remotely. In the current situation of an ongoing pandemic, the company considers this an opportunity of high importance to enable continuous production despite the circumstances.

“The new robotic production line guarantees faster and more efficient production at the Nestlé factory, and a safer working environment for the employees who will be trained to work with automated machines,” the company announced in an official statement.

Thus, Nestle Bulgaria works with two production lines that prepare and package 2.5 million bars of Kat Kat per day (or 1736 pieces per minute), prepared with Bulgarian flour. Of them, 95% are exported to over 35 countries abroad, including South Korea, Mexico, Qatar, South Africa, Singapore, and the Caribbean.

The factory has been operating in Sofia for 80 years, and owned by the Swiss giant Nestlé since 1994. The company employs 1,060 people, 60% of whom are employed in production activities./Invest Sofia


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Nestle Bulgaria invested BGN 23 million in a robotic production line in Sofia
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