Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs – opportunity for business expansion and development

If you are the owner - manager of an SME based in Bulgaria, with experience over 3 years, and you are looking for innovative tools and fresh ideas for expanding your business, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme may be the answer to your needs!

If you are ready to share your knowledge and experience with a new entrepreneur and be his mentor in this process, through the program you can engage in business exchange with a young and ambitious entrepreneur from one of the other Participating Countries (currently the programme mobility scheme includes over 40) and work to expand your business.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme provides assistance to European entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary skills to start and / or successfully run a small business in Europe. New entrepreneurs gather and exchange knowledge and business development ideas with an experienced entrepreneur, with whom they work together for one to six months. The stay is funded by the European Commission.

The programme aims to inform participants about the many opportunities offered by the Community's single market, as well as ways to overcome market / business difficulties

 Benefits for the Host Entrepreneur:

  • Work with an energetic and motivated new entrepreneur who can contribute to your business with innovative views, new skills and knowledge;
  • Benefit from a "fresh eye" on your business, and specialised knowledge that the new entrepreneur may have and that you do not master;
  • Act as a coach or mentor;
  • Learn about foreign markets, expand your business opportunities and engage in cross-border activities;
  • Interact with entrepreneurs from other Participating Countries and get opportunities to collaborate with them;
  • Network and build strong relationships, which can be useful for mutual consulting, business referrals, and for finding business partners abroad;
  • Improve your language skills;
  • The large majority of most entrepreneurs enjoyed the experience so much that they decided to host other new entrepreneurs afterwards!

Apply here, choose the BCCI as your responsible intermediary organization and we will assist you in finding a suitable partner - entrepreneur, as well as guide you throughout your exchange.


If you have any questions or need assistance, contact:
Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
International Cooperation and International Organizations Directorate

Gabriela Dimitrova, Tel.: 02 8117 489, e-mail:
Miroslava Markova, Tel.: 02 8117 494, e-mail: