Address of the CEO of EUROCHAMBERS to the members

Dear colleagues,
Communication is a very important aspect of ECH's work. This applies not only to interaction with our members, spread out across Europe and working in different languages, but also with our target audience, principally EU policy makers. External visibility is not an objective in itself, but it is an effective way to strengthen the profile and image of the chamber network and to convey our key messages on policy dossiers.
National and local chambers also of course need to communicate effectively. At EU level, the dynamics are different, as the media corps is transient and the vast majority works for national publications. The EU press has consolidated considerably in recent years and there is a growing 'advertorial' aspect to securing coverage. Meanwhile, the significance of social media has grown exponentially and offers valuable opportunities for associations like ECH to reach their intended audience.
In this evolving context, ECH is striving to do better by developing our communication tools, improving content and strengthening relations with national chamber press and communications officers. As part of this process, we are recalibrating this fortnightly newsletter, which for several years has been sent only to members. From early September, it will be replaced by a public newsletter that will be sent not only to the chamber network, but also to policy-makers, other stakeholders and the media. Your support in promoting this public newsletter would be much appreciated; if we work together, we can ensure that a much wider audience is regularly informed about ECH's activities and positions, as well as developments within the chamber network.
It will be a busy period for ECH after the summer recess on many fronts, so there will certainly be no shortage of news to share! Meanwhile, allow me to thank members for their engagement and support and I wish you all an enjoyable and relaxing summer holiday period.

Best wishes,
Ben Butters,