Over 62% of families with children under 16 in Bulgaria have only one child

There are 1,099,696 children aged 0-17 in Bulgaria, or 17.1% of the population, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said on its website.

A total of 56,596 babies were born in 2022 – 28,923 boys and 27,673 girls.

Households with children under 16 were 630,386, according to 2021 Census data. A total of 62.3% of these households have only one child under 16.

On May 31, the National Statistical Institute reported that the tendency of an increasing relative proportion of households with no children under 16 continues. By September 7, 2021, 2,235,322 (78%) of households in the country had no children under 16. Over the ten-year period between the last two censuses, the number of these households has decreased by 66,943.

Over 80% of households in Vidin, Gabrovo, Montana and Smolyan regions were without children under 16. The lowest share of these households was in Blagoevgrad - 74.5%, Sliven - 75.4%, and Burgas - 75.9%.