Meeting with representatives of the European Commission

A meeting with representatives of the European Commission /EC/ took place in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Vasil Todorov, Secretary General of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, presented to 14 EC employees up-to-date information on the Chamber's activities, its interaction with partner organizations at the national and European level, as well as cooperation with Bulgarian institutions.

The meeting is part of the Information Program for the employees of the European Commission, held in all member states of the European Union. The main goal of the initiative is to provide an opportunity to deepen knowledge about the respective country, to create relationships and strengthen existing ones, to exchange information and improve coordination between the national administration and that of the European Commission.

During the meeting, an active discussion was held, during which the guests received answers to all the questions regarding various fields, including: involvement of the BCCI in European projects, incentives for Bulgarian exporters of various goods, evaluation of EC policies, green transition, energy, challenges for Bulgarian companies, the difficulties in hiring qualified labor, the advantages of the Bulgarian economy, communication with the Bulgarian and European legislators, the upcoming acceptance of Bulgaria into Schengen, the adoption of the euro, examples of successful Bulgarian enterprises, programs and funds for the promotion of innovations, the difference in the development of different regions in Bulgaria, the need to complete the construction of major infrastructure projects in the country, and many others.

The representatives of the European Commission made a recommendation for more active use of EC consultation mechanisms by Bulgarian business organizations and enterprises, in order to share and consider the opinion of Bulgarian entrepreneurs on important issues related to the economy of the Community.