New opportunities for business cooperation with Egypt

At BCCI, a working meeting was held with Adham Omar, Commercial Counselor at the Embassy of Egypt in Sofia, and representatives of the Egyptian company EuroEye Securitу – Ahmed Nasr and Mesaed Alkharafi.

The main topic of the meeting with the President of the Chamber Tsvetan Simeonov was the promotion of bilateral cooperation through innovative means. Egyptian entrepreneurs presented the EGY Zone platform, which aims to support the search and finding of foreign partners. The platform is in the initial phase of development and currently in it there are registered companies from Egypt, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and Brazil. The intention of the Egyptian partners is for it to expand and benefit entrepreneurs from more countries.

The President of BCCI offered cooperation in promoting the conditions for doing business in Bulgaria and Egypt, including the electronic platform.

Simeonov and the representative of the Embassy of Egypt agreed to organize virtual events and live meetings between businessmen from both countries. The first visit will be of Egyptian companies to Bulgaria at the beginning of November this year.