Deepening of the bilateral economic relations with Pakistan

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sialkot, Pakistan held an online meeting to coordinate cooperation for promotion of the bilateral economic relations. The event was organized in partnership with the Embassy of Bulgaria in Pakistan. It was attended by the ambassadors of both countries, as well as business representatives.

The President of BCCI, Mr. Tsvetan Simeonov, presented the proactive joint activities of the Chamber with various partners from Pakistan, which are implemented with the active participation of diplomats from the two countries. In view of the economic profile of Sialkot, known as the export hub of Pakistan, that has developed the textile sector, the production of sports goods, medical instruments, etc., he noted that there are common interests in these areas as well as in the food industry, agriculture, and the transport sector.

H.E. Miriam Aftab, Ambassador of Pakistan to Bulgaria, told the meeting participants that the mission of the Embassy in Sofia is to promote dialogue between the Bulgarian and the Pakistani companies. For the past year, a joint business council was even established to support active cooperation, and an exhibition of Pakistani goods was opened at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

H.E. Irena Gancheva, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Pakistan, shared impressions related to her visit in the city of Sialkot in December this year and confirmed that the city is developing dynamically as an industrial center and has a huge contribution to the country's exports. There is still a shortage of economic and business information in both directions, and the aim of the Embassy in Islamabad is to assist in overcoming it.

The President of CCI Sialkot Abdul Ghafoor Malik introduced his organization and the economy of the city. Sialkot is a leading manufacturer of surgical instruments, medical equipment, specialty clothing and sporting goods.

Mr. Viktor Gusev, representative of the Sofia Agency for Privatization and Investments, made a presentation of the economic environment in the capital and highlighted the key priority sectors: information technology, artificial intelligence, financial technology, outsourcing, creative industries, etc.

The representatives of the two chambers of commerce agreed to expand their cooperation by signing a memorandum of understanding and last but not least – agreed to organize specialized business events in both countries to present various goods and search for and find partners.